Everyone has their favourite hunting grounds for collecting resources. The following maps show where I like to prospect for Ore and gather Wood on my Explorer craftsman Caerfinon. You can click on maps to enlarge.

Tier 1 – Copper and Tin Ore / Rowan Logs

The Shire

The shire is my favourite haunt for collecting Tier 1 resources. The Delving Fields are particularly rich and a Ride along the road to Stock also yields pretty good results. I also enjoy the Scenery here as well.

Tier 2 –Silver and Barrow-Iron Ore / Ash Logs


For Tier 2 materials the north west corner of the map is well stocked. Some people like gathering in the west side of the North Downs map, but this is the place I prefer.

Tier 3 – Gold and Rich Iron Ore / Yew Logs

North Downs

The north East section of the North Downs is where the gold is. If you are collecting hides as well this area is crawling with big Aurochs that drop 1-2 Sturdy hides each. It’s a Win/Win.

Tier 4 – Platinum and Dwarf-Iron Ore / Lebethron Logs


The roadway from the last bridge all the way to Rivendell is a nice ride and there are many riches along the way. I typically start in Rivendell, ride to the bridge and back and my bags are brimming with the ore and logs I find on the way.

Tier 5 – Ancient-Silver and Ancient-Iron Ore / Black Ash Logs (red)

Tier 6 – Khazad-Copper and Khazad-Tin Ore / Ilex Logs (blue)


I really like Eregion for some reason. Something about the landscape appeals to me. This zone has dual materials for an explorer; Tier 5 in the north and part of Tier 6 in the south. Some will say that for the Tier 6 Khazad ores that places in Moria are much better, but I dislike going into that black pit unless I absolutely have to.

Tier 6 – Khazad-gold and Khazad-iron Ore / Mallorn Logs


I like to pick up my second have of the Tier 6 items in Lothlorien. Again, this is because the thought of wandering through Moria makes me depressed.

Tier 7 –??

I’m not really there yet… but when I find a favourite spot, I’ll update this post.